Monday, March 29, 2010

Does Obama have to be everywhere?

When will the White House learn that Americans don't really want to see President Obama while we're in the middle of enjoying a sports event. First he had to show up before the Super Bowl and now he's going to insert himself into the NCAA Final Four.
This Thursday, CBS "Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith will go one-on-one with Pres. Barack Obama in a court-side interview. Then, Smith and his CBS Sports colleague NCAA basketball analyst Clark Kellogg will shoot hoops with Obama on the White House basketball court.

Smith's interview and clips from the game will air on The Early Show Friday. Kellogg's interview with the President, and the game, will air Saturday afternoon and evening during CBS's coverage of the Final Four.

CBS' is the second network news interview Pres. Obama will do this week. He's talking to NBC's Matt Lauer for an interview that will air Tuesday morning on "Today."
CBS might think that Obama is a draw for watching the games, but I think I'd rather endure a Dick Vitale rant of exuberance than to have to watch Obama talking hoops in the middle of a basketball game. Sports should be free of political talk.


LarryD said...

But a narcissist needs their "narcissistic income". It doesn't matter if it's sincere or not. It's always about them.

Bachbone said...

See the definition of "narcissist" for a concise explanation.

Dave said...

He has become so ubiquitous on television and everywhere else that I have reached the point of turning the channel whenever I see his face. So, if CBS thinks he's going to be a draw for the final four they should probably be thinking again.

Amy said...

I think we should encourage it. He'd be a much better sportscaster than politician.

So Cal Jim said...

The MSM is populated by Cool Aid drinking worshipers of Chaiman 0's "greatness." Combine the MSM's blind adoration with B. Hussein Obama's overarching narcissism and it follows naturally that he will inject himself into every sphere of public life...with he MSM's encouragement and blessings. But this is nothing new under the sun. He's just following the standard issue playbook used by every leader who seeks to rule via a cult of his personality.