Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cruising the Web

This is a simply amazing list from Jim Geraghty of all of the broken promises and their expiration dates from Barack Obama. The list goes on and on. Links are provided for both the promises and when those promises were broken. As Geraghty is fond of reciting, "All statements from Barack Obama come with an expiration date. All of them." And now you can have a handy-dandy reference. Of course, as his presidency continues, expect more and more to be added to this list of Obama promise expiration dates.

Jack Cashill dissects
the whole supposed story of tea party protesters shouting racial epithets at black congressmen. It's very hard to prove a negative, but it is quite clear that there is no evidence for any part of this story. As you read Cashill's narrative of how this story entered the media bloodstream, it is quite clear that, in the most positive reading of the story, this was a deliberate exaggeration, but more likely, a deliberate lie that immediately became the talking point of the media and the Democrats. No wonder Andrew Breibart has received no responses for his offer of $10,000 for any video proof that the N-word was shouted even once at the black congressmen, some of whom were even filming the crowd, as they walked to the Capitol.

As Debra Saunders points out, incivility and brutish behavior exists on both the left and the right. However, if it crops up on the right, it is taken as representative of the right in general. When it shows up on the left, as it did with this jerk who made a youtube threat against Eric Cantor and his family, it is taken by the media as anomalous behavior and there are no larger think pieces to try to draw conclusions about how the left is inciting violence.

The results from the first round of the Race to the Top funds have been announced and the winners are Delaware and Tennessee which will receive $100 and $400 million dollars respectively for their education proposals. So why did these two states beat out the others? With the scoring rubric used for evaluating the proposals, the difference seems to have been, as Frederick Hess writes, getting complete buy-in from the teachers unions and local school districts and superintendents. That gives those teachers unions and local school leaders a veto power over any true reform plans. If everyone has to love it, how much change is there going to be?

Gee, the White House and the Russian Foreign Ministry don't seem to agree on what is in the new START treaty. Whom do you believe?

Taking a temp job could cost workers a lot of their unemployment benefits.

In addition to paying for their health care spending by taxing the rich, the other funding mechanism the Democrats are depending on is the individual mandate which will force those who don't have insurance now to buy. Insurance companies need that inflow of new money in order to pay for the increased outflow anticipated. However, the Democrats seem to have left out any real enforcement of their mandate. There are no civil or criminal penalties for not buying insurance. With guaranteed issue if you get sick, why would anyone who doesn't have it now, decide to pay insurance up front? A correspondent to Powerline hypothesizes that the result will be to bankrupt the private insurance industry which is the Democrats' real goal.
The astonishing fact that they deliberately prohibited enforcement of a critical component of the plan tells you all you need to know. It will intentionally create a crisis...a feature, not a bug....and a crisis is something this crowd never wants to go to waste.
Hmmm. Could this be the ultimate path to a single-payer plan?

Two protests. Which group do you think is more representative of America? Which would you rather be a part of? Which one expresses more hatred and violence in their protest? And which one will be on the MSM? All easy questions.

If Obama really wanted to appease radical Muslims, then forget about the Israeli apartments in Jerusalem and start to work on getting Lady Gaga to wear a burkha. As Bret Stephens writes, long before Israel had occupied part of the West Bank, radical Muslims were writing of the degeneracy of the United States because of our music, movies, and most of all, our women. So Lady Gaga has got to go.

No surprise: Eric Holder has been blowing smoke about the success of civilian trials of terrorists.