Monday, March 29, 2010

Cruising the Web

Robert Samuelson explains how ObamaCare has set us on the road to a true budget crisis. Scary stuff.

Marty Peretz of the New Republic excoriates the administration for what he calls the "disaster" of their Iran policy. Obama's administration has a hissy fit about Israel building some apartments in their section of Jerusalem and they just continue to back down over Iran building new atomic sites in defiance of the United Nations.

Arnold Kling gives a libertarian's Passover prayer.
As we approach Passover in 2010, many people are unemployed. But in a free society, government does not create jobs.

Pharoah created jobs for us. Moses led us away from those jobs. Even though those jobs helped to complete public infrastructure. Even though they were green jobs, where we used our muscles and our backs instead of fossil fuels.

Moses could have been part of the ruling class in Egypt. He chose freedom instead. Those of us who followed Moses also chose freedom. Freedom brings risks. But we preferred the risks of freedom to the security of bondage.
Ah, Exodus as a libertarian message. Who knew?

The BBC reports that the Obama administration is considering abstaining from a UN resolution condemning Israel for building apartments in East Jerusalem. If this is true - shame, shame on the most anti-Israel administration in my lifetime.

Our local paper ran this touching story
about the letters that Pistol Pete Maravich wrote his high school sweetheart. Although it feels a bit voyeuristic to read his private letters, it really is a sweet story and what struck me was how innocent-sounding his letters were compared to what you might get from a high school basketball star these days.

Look for the popularity of ObamaCare to follow the trajectory of the stimulus's fall from popularity.

Now the NYT lets us in on the story
of how ObamaCare is going to impact state budgets.

And finally, I'm still over the moon about Duke making the Final Four. Even if you have an irrational hatred for Duke, you have to admire the way this group has come together to play as a team and compensate for each other when one of them is having a down game. They've shown that mental toughness and great coaching can add as much as pure athletic talent. And they're a group of special young men. If you haven't seen this ESPN special about Nolan Smith's father, Derek Smith's tragic early death and how his former teammates came together to help raise the fatherless Nolan, take a look. I dare you not to tear up as you watch.