Monday, March 22, 2010

Cruising the Web

And while all eyes are on Washington, let's not ignore the looming crisis back in the states with their public pensions. According to Pew, the states are facing over $1 trillion in unfunded liabilities in their public pensions. If you take out the assumptions for growth that Pew made, the liability is closer to $3 trillion. California alone has a $60 billion unfunded liability.

We're just beginning to find out what these Democrats sold their vote for. That's what happens with any big bill, but in these days of instant news, congressmen won't be able to hide from their constituents the quids and quos of their votes. It will be up to those voters to decide if whatever their representative trade his vote for is worth it to have a bill that the voters don't want in the first place.

Randy Barnett examines whether or not there are constitutional challenges to this bill. The main question is whether or not five justices would have the will to overrule this law.

Megan McArdle explains
why we should worry about the tyranny of the majority. Even if you like the health care bill, just imagine if Republicans decided to utilize the same methods that the Democrats have utilized to pass this bill in order to pass their desired ends. Now that we have a model of how one party can ignore public sentiment and the rules and traditions of both houses in order to ram something through, don't expect that the other party won't utilize those same methods when they get in control.

Victor Davis Hanson says that we've crossed the Rubicon. If the Democrats come to truly believe that they're facing dramatic losses in November, why not use these methods they've pioneered to push through the rest of their unpopular agenda: cap and trade, card check, amnesty?

Howard Kurtz says that journalists were just tired of covering health care reform. It was just too complicated and the story kept changing. Boo hoo.

Michael Goodwin writes
that we've just seen one battle in the larger ideological war in our country over the true role of government.

Some Democrats walked the plank
with their vote. If they are so willing to sacrifice their seats in order to vote for this bill, let's just help them on their way. I'm afraid that those battles are already lost.