Friday, March 19, 2010

Cruising the Web

One thing that the Democrats' efforts on expanding the government has accomplished is inspiring more and more political novices to jump into races for Congress. And a significant number of them come from the medical profession. There are 24 Republican doctors running for the House.

The House is planning to rush the vote just so that the Senate can have enough time to pass the reconciliation package before they leave on Easter break. Can't have them listening to their constituents, can we?

With this year shaping up to be a wave election for Republicans, the pain for Democrats could continue if Republicans gain control of more state legislatures and thus are in control of the redistricting that will take place after the census. Just another piece of political fallout from the Democratic Party's agenda in Washington.

Jennifer Rubin connects the administration's doubling
down of sneaky maneuvers to push through health care with their abrupt change in how they're dealing with Israel. In both spheres, the administration is at odds with the American people.

As Charles Krauthammer writes
, Israel has made quite a few concessions to the Palestinians during the past year of the Obama administration. The Palestinians have made none. Yet whom does the administration beat up on? Israel, of course. Perhaps Jeffrey Goldberg is right about Obama's goal - to bring down the Netanyahu government. And Yossi Klein Halevi explains how the Obama administration's maneuvers have led Palestinians to violence in proclaiming "Days of Rage" over building in Jerusalem that has been going on for decades without any protest.
Astonishingly, Obama is repeating the key tactical mistake of his failed efforts to restart Middle East peace talks over the last year. Though Obama's insistence on a settlement freeze to help restart negotiations was legitimate, he went a step too far by including building in East Jerusalem. Every Israeli government over the last four decades has built in the Jewish neighborhoods of East Jerusalem; no government, let alone one headed by the Likud, could possibly agree to a freeze there. Obama made resumption of negotiations hostage to a demand that could not be met. The result was that Palestinian leaders were forced to adjust their demands accordingly.

Obama is directly responsible for one of the most absurd turns in the history of Middle East negotiations. Though Palestinian leaders negotiated with Israeli governments that built extensively in the West Bank, they now refused to sit down with the first Israeli government to actually agree to a suspension of building. Obama's demand for a building freeze in Jerusalem led to a freeze in negotiations.
Read the rest to see where the amateur obtuseness of the Obama administration has led us.

Peggy Noonan calls Obama "bush league." And she used to admire his coolness. She notices, as did so many, how Bret Baier, by asking short, straightforward questions and not letting the President filibuster his answers, exposed that Obama didn't know what is in the bill that he's pressing people to vote for and doesn't even care.

Of course, there is always that other view from the Obama fan club over at MSNBC. Thus, we have the ludicrous sight of Chris Matthews making fun of Bret Baier for interrupting the President. Chris Matthews? It is but to laugh.