Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cruising the Web

Megan McArdle takes Ezra Klein to the woodshed over his claims about how Medicare wasn't popular at the time it was passed. Then Tom Maguire piles on.

This should concern those wavering Democrats who are doubtful that the Senate will pass the fixes to their bill in reconciliation. Kent Conrad is expressing concern that some of those fixes will not survive the Byrd Rule.

The Washington Post has a sympathetic profile
of the efforts that Al Franken has been making in order to tone down his vitriolic sense of humor. What a nice guy he's turning out to be. Yeah, right.

Michael Goodwin notes that Hillary Clinton's willingness to publicize her acrimonious phone call with Netanyahu ends the pose that she took as a New York senator that she was a big friend to Israel.

Matt Welch writes that we are approaching a moment when the federal government will be permanently on the hook for bailing out spendthrift states. As their public pensions reach the crisis point, there will be more and more pressure for the federal government to pick up the slack instead of forcing them to scale back their impossible promises to their public employees. States that haven't followed that path will be in the position of Germany being forced to bail out Greece for its irresponsible spending.

The CBO can barely function
having to score so many health care proposals. They're having to pull all nighters to keep on scoring.

Just for fun - see which NCAA teams would be in the finals if the criteria were median salaries earned by graduates in the middle of their careers.