Friday, March 12, 2010

Cruising the Web

Charles Krauthammer touts the benefits of rotating the parties in office. He points out that Obama has basically followed the Bush policies in Iraq and Afghanistan and to somewhat of an extent in fighting the war on terror. We can all imagine what the atmosphere in the country would be if John McCain were president and following these same policies. The left would be up in arms instead of producing a rather muted response. This is healthy for the country.

Meanwhile, Nancy is throwing the pro-life House Democrats overboard. She seems to think that she can turn enough other No votes to Yes to make up for losing those pro-life votes. Or maybe she thinks that they're just bluffing.

One of the changes they really want to make in the Senate bill is that they want to get rid of the higher taxes on expensive health care plans because many union members have such plans and are pressing the House Democrats to get rid of those taxes or, at least, postpone them. However, that means that they will have to find the money to pay for their very expensive bill otherwise. Watch out.

A group of bloggers has been serving as an internet posse to track jihadist and terrorist postings on the internet. They helped to track "Jihad Jane." And they're out there on the front lines in this new front on fighting terrorism.

Apparently, $700,000 in donations will buy you an appointment to the federal district court in Rhode Island.

The Senate parliamentarian's ruling
that the health care bill must be signed into law before reconciliation can go forth to change it seems to put a spanner into the Slaughter solution of having the House just "assume" that the bill has passed and then go onto amending it without forcing House Dems to ever vote on it. So it's back to the drawing board for the Democrats to come up with some sort of maneuver to get their crapsandwich through the House.

The USA Today argues that teacher unions are harming education. Well, yeah.

One by one Kimberley Strassel takes on the Democratic arguments about how, even though their health care plans are quite unpopular, somehow by passing the bill it will become more popular and thus is necessary to stave off big Democratic defeats in the 2010 elections. First they are totally deluding themselves about why they lost in 1994 and have somehow convinced themselves that they lost then because they didn't pass Clinton's health care plan. Unfortunately, people remember 1994 and know that that wasn't the case. And this bill won't win support just because they vote it in. The benefits don't kick in for several years, but the taxes start right away. Sure, that will make the bill more popular.

Soak the rich taxes aren't working for Maryland
and they probably won't work for other states that are planning on taking this path to address their huge deficits.

John Stossel explains why
state professional licensing laws hurt consumers and are just in place to please those already in businesses and squeeze out cheaper competitions. People shouldn't have to spend thousands of dollars and training and get a government license to sell flowers, teach yoga, braid hair, or do interior design. Let the marketplace decide if those people should be in business.

Mandating that schools teach challenges to theories of global warming is not the same thing as mandating the teaching of creationism in school.

For all those fans across the country who have long hated Coach K and Duke basketball, here are a couple of arguments for losing that irrational hatred. This article looks at all the good work that Coach K has been doing to raise money for some causes close to his heart. And Greg Doyel at CBS Sports puts forth the argument that it may well be time to stop hating and start rooting for Duke.