Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cruising the Web

The WSJ exposes how Obama's rhetoric about supporting "a new generation of safe, clean nuclear power plants" and "new offshore areas for oil and gas development" was just smoke and mirrors. When push comes to shove, his administration is blocking such development. And of course, Lindsay Graham is trying to promote his own compromise whereby Republicans would vote for "cap and trade" while the Democrats would agree to more offshore drilling and creating more nuclear plants. He's not able to make the sale now. Perhaps his colleagues are better able than he to figure out the snakeoil that Obama is peddling.

Surprise, surprise. Nancy Pelosi knew more about Eric Massa's shenanigans than she'd previously let on. The Democrats might want to disclaim any responsibility for Massa, but they were happy to have this creep as part of their caucus and would have supported him for reelection if he'd voted for the health care bill without his harassment of aides coming to light.

Harry Reid is pledging to pass filibuster reform in the next term. Yeah, sure. First he has to get reelected. I doubt that he'll be making Senate policy come January. And the Democrats have to worry about the possibility that they will one day be in the minority themselves. When that happens, the filibuster will suddenly be holy once again.

Brian Riedl exposes all the dishonest budgetary gimmicks within Obama's budget. It really is amazing how they can slap these false figures into the budget by such tricks and then claim how they're reducing spending. They can claim savings that won't ever happen. They can hypothesize the rosiest of scenarios for the economy and then make guesstimates about how much revenue they'll garner when their imaginary economic growth takes place. He uses as a phony baseline a pretense that the Iraq surge would last forever and then he can claim all the savings that will result from his continuing the policies he always planned to enact in the first place.

Joshua P. Thompson previews another firefighters' disparate impact case headed for the Supreme Court. We'll see if having standards means anything or if all that matters is if you get the appropriate mix of races scoring well on a test.

Instead of being angry about tuition hikes, University of California students should be protesting the public employee unions who are bankrupting their state and forcing these changes on them. And they better get used to it since it is their generation that will be paying for those public employee pensions for the rest of their lives.

James Pethoukokis explains how Obama's policies are stifling free trade.

Another headache for Nancy: the Hispanic Caucus says that its members won't vote for the Senate health bill because of its limits on spending on health care for illegal immigrants. Of course, if they use the Slaughter solution, they will be able to vote for it without voting for it.

Jay Cost lays out why those House Democrats supporting Bart Stupak's anti-funding of abortion language have to worry about the Senate Democrats. If they truly are standing on principle, this has to really give them pause. Of course, if they're willing to pass the bill without really voting for it why should they care about how the Senate deals with the provisions on abortion.