Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Do we really need financial advice from Barack Obama?

President Obama seems to have a real problem with the tourist industry, particularly the industry that is the backbone of the business in Las Vegas. For the second time he has told crowds that they shouldn't go to Las Vegas.
President Barack Obama took another dig at Las Vegas at his New Hampshire town hall Tuesday after similar remarks got him into hot water last year.

Obama said that people should not "blow a bunch of cash in Vegas" during a tough recession. Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman called for Obama to apologize after he made comparable comments last February.

"When times are tough, you tighten your belts," he said at the forum." You don’t go buying a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage. You don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas when you’re trying to save for college."
Last year, he'd passed on a similar message targeted at businesses in tough times telling them not to go blow money in Las Vegas.

First of all, do people in tough times really need the President of the United States to tell them to tighten their belts? Are we all so dependent on the government now that we need to look to the president for money management advice?

And why should he single out the state of his very strongest ally in the Senate? Does Harry Reid really need this? With his own ratings in the outhouse, particularly after having carried water for the administration's priorities this past year, this is how Obama repays him - by bashing the major industry of his state, a state that has been suffering deeply in the recession?

And do other states that rely on tourism such as Florida or Louisiana really need the President to travel around telling people not to take expensive trips to their locales?

In addition, in an era when the federal government is bailing out businesses such as GM who have not managed their money well, when state governments are piling up deficits because of the pensions that they have promised public employees, and the President just proposed a budget with the biggest deficits in history, is the head of the federal government really the one who should be giving us financial advice?

And as Cassy Fiano points out, these politicians who head up our government today are not the ones to be lecturing people on how to spend their hard-earned money.
On top of all this idiocy, these digs at Las Vegas absolutely reek of hypocrisy. Obama has turned the White House into some kind of night club, hosting weekly parties for celebrities and DC insiders. He jets back and forth to Copenhagen on the taxpayers’ dime. He takes his wife and family out to Broadway shows and and concerts. He uses taxpayer dollars to fly to New York for dinner and a play, for Chrissakes. And other Democrats are no better. Nancy Pelosi is the best example, as she’s apparently been using the Air Force as a personal chaffeur for herself and her family. Not too long ago, the House Appropriations Committee was ordering another round of Gulfstream jets for politicians to use. There was an 11-day trip a group of politicians took to New Zealand “to study climate change”, featuring fireworks, snorkeling, reef dives, and a trip to the South Pole. It ended with a stay in a luxury hotel in Hawaii. The government wastes money in a million different ways, yet Obama wants to lecture us about how to spend money responsibly? This from the man who has quadrupled our deficit in just one year?


cirby said...

Oddly enough, he didn't say anything about Chicago. Nothing at all about "don't go to Chicago for conventions and meetings, even though it's more expensive to do shows there than either Las Vegas or Orlando."

So a lot of people dutifully scheduled shows in Chicago, where they got royally screwed by costs and union rules. Word got around, and some shows actually canceled their Chicago meetings and rescheduled for Las Vegas and Orlando.

Now you know why he made this week's comments...

BGWYN001 said...

Here we go again. Getting carried away about a comment from our President. At least he says and tells the truth. No one who is in financial difficulty needs to be going to Las vegas or anywhere else to gamble. If Las Vegas cared about your finances it really wouldn't exist. I have daughters and friends planning a bachelorette event in Las Vegas. If my president is not wanted in your City then I would say our money can be spent else where. I am looking into goint to Atlantic City.

Don't cry for Las Vegas they have won the money of many and the more they win the happier thet are. Do you really think Las Vegas cares if you gamble away your life's savings. NO. I agree with our President. Go to Las Vegas and have fun but leave your son or daughter's tuition at home.

NonCents said...

...AND that is why our government wants casinos in Ohio. To create jobs. The moral is: First go to college and get your degree in Card Shark. Just remember..What you leave in Ohio - stays in Ohio. "We're working on it."

libhom said...

This is so funny. I remember when the right was angrily opposed to gambling.

Bachbone said...

At least he says and tells the truth. Hilarious, BGWYN001. Just hilarious.

A January 30, 2010 Rasmussen Poll was done after Obama's State of the Union speech. 21% of those polled believed his assertion that 95% of us had received a tax cut. 35% of voters believed him when he claimed the economy is growing again. He said he had put 2 million people back to work, but just 27% of those polled believed him. Only 9% of those polled think his proposed freeze on nondiscretionary spending will help the deficit. Read the whole report for yourself.

I don't know what animus Obama has against Las Vegas. Maybe what happened to him in Las Vegas once didn't stay in Las Vegas. He could easily have avoided another foot-in-the-mouth gaffe by omitting "in Vegas" from his lecture. Or he could have had it put on a teleprompter. But he's a know-it-all who enjoys telling others what to do and shoving unwanted advice and programs down their throats. Progressives and narcissists are like that.

Pat Patterson said...

Nobody here defended gambling but the issue seems to be whether the President of the US should engage in specific name calling. Especially in regards to state that he received much support via cash contributions and votes. And is represented by the majority leader in the Senate. That's not honesty that is simply a tin ear.

Franklin Half Dollar said...

I would like to see Mr. Obama do some serious belt tightening with the federal government like he is advising everyone else to do, instead of blowing another $1.6 trillion more than we have. All this spending and railing against capitalists and capitalism is sucking what little life is left out of the economy.

Sokmnkee said...

Well, Mr. Obama, if I could keep some of that tax money you financially rape us for, I'd have enough $$ to pay our insurance premium for health, disability, life and the house, and our real estate taxes, and still be able to maybe save some for a 5 day vacation if I'm lucky. However, I know that that would mean that you and Speaker Pelosi would have to shut down the flow of booze and jet fuel and you're just not ready to stop the party fun yet.