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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

More DNC money down the rat hole

After Ben Nelson's poll numbers in Nebraska plummeted, the DNC spent about a half a million dollars to air ads in Nebraska defending Nelson. Just what the DNC needed to be spending money on in December 2009 - money for a senator not up until 2012. But with poll numbers like this a couple of years out, Nelson has to be worried. But it does seem a rather screwy allocation of funds for the DNC on the eve of a tough election year.


tfhr said...

Look at as an "advance" on a bribe already promised.

Bachbone said...

When they're digging themselves into holes, stand back and hand them shovels. (That goes for both parties.)

Pat Patterson said...

But when you consider that if his numbers rise above 50%, doubtful, the Democrats can at least go to their major donors and claim the money was well spent. Now please give us more. Also it would fit in nicely with the meme that the Tea Party is not to be afraid of and that Massachusetts might have been an outlier.

But then it is somewhat akin to spending money on a new car radio and flames on the hood when the tires are bald and the engine is smoking. Money spent now might not be available later on.

tfhr said...

Pat Patterson,

Three words for your analogy:

"Cash for Clunkers"

Pat Patterson said...

I think "Teenagers With The Car Keys," is also apt.

tfhr said...

Very appropriate. I respond with "clown car".