Tuesday, February 02, 2010

How cool would this be?

A researcher found a previously unknown draft of the Constitution written in James Wilson's own handwriting.
"This was the kind of moment historians dream about," said Toler, 30, a lawyer and founding president of the Constitutional Sources Project (www.ConSource.org), a nonprofit organization, based in Washington, that promotes an understanding of and access to U.S. Constitution documents.

"This was national scripture, a piece of our Constitution's history," she said of her find in November. "It was difficult to keep my hands from trembling."

As other researchers "realized what was happening, there was a sort of hushed awe that settled over the reading room," Toler said. "One of them said the hair on her arms stood on end."
Can you imagine being the one to find those papers? It would be a moment to treasure all one's life.