Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Here's one tax increase that won't get through Congress

Jennifer Rubin points out that one of the tax increases in Obama's budget is decreasing the deduction that wealthy people can take for their charitable deductions. Who do they think makes some of the biggest deductions?

I predict that charitable organizations (i.e. special interests in Obama-speak) will work their magic on Congress and such an increase will never make it into the final product. Congressmen will realize that doing something to limit contributions to charities is just not going to fly in the middle of an economic downturn.


tfhr said...

The politicians like Obama and many other Dems like to be the ones doling out the cheese. Government cheese. Voters with their hands out should get hand-outs, right? Why let some stupid charity grab the glory?

Locomotive Breath said...

Just look at it as a tax on charities. Can't have all those people giving money to something like a church can we?

equitus said...

Once again, they've no sense of unintended consequences.

Say the deduction decreased. Charities will bring in less money and services cut. Guess who will "have to" step in to take up the slack? And guess where they get their money?

It really amounts to a government take-over of charities.