Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cruising the Web

Sunil Sharan who worked at the Smart Grid Initiative at GE explains why you can't look to ideas on greening our economy to create new jobs. Most of these jobs involve improving productivity which translates into unemployment for many people in the old-style industries.

In analyzing an Obama anecdote about the insurance policy that he had on an old clunker of a car that he had when he was a young man, Tom Maguire thinks that Barack Obama just doesn't understand the difference a driver having to buy liability insurance to get a license, and buying collision insurance. Then when he got in an accident and found out that his liability insurance policy wouldn't pay for fixing up his "old, beat-up car" Obama thought that was just unfair and now he wants to remedy that unfairness by making sure that people who didn't buy health insurance when they were healthy should get coverage once they get sick.
This is classic, generic Democratic paternalism - people can't be trusted to make their own decisions and they certainly should not be expected to endure the consequences of those decisions.

And speaking of Democrats who don't seem to understand what they're talking about, CBS News asks at its Econwatch blog, "Is Maxine Waters Really As Dumb As She Seems?" Ah, questions that just answer themselves.

Just in case you lost track, here's a handy summary of all the fun scandals that Charlie Rangel has been involved in. But if you can't understand why Nancy "the most ethical Congress" Pelosi hasn't thrown this guy under the Democratic bus, Steve Kornacki explains why she's tiptoeing around this.

Tom Coburn explains what is really broken in Congress. It's not the Senate with its arcane rules; it's the bad habits both houses and parties have of spending money that we don't have.

More problems for Nancy - she's having trouble getting the jobs bill through her caucus.

And another story I'm not weeping over - the Senate looks ready to drop its cap-and-trade proposal. John Kerry can't seem to push that baby through either.

And for sports fans: this is how bad things are for UNC basketball: the stores in Chapel Hill have put out football paraphernalia. That's just unbelievable for Chapel Hill just as March is starting.

Politico reports that conservative leaders are looking to purge their ranks of the crazies such as the birthers, truthers, and John Birchers. Such cleansing is healthy. If people want to indulge in such conspiracy-mongering, that's their business, but they shouldn't be used to taint the conservative message. And it's certainly more than liberals did when they had Code Pink and other radical groups who were willing to mouth any Bush-Cheney-Hitler comparison or when they ran the General Betray Us ad.

Protesters at Berkley trashed
a campus building and turned violent. They're protesting budget cuts that will affect the University of California system. Just what is it about a catastrophic financial crisis in their state that they don't understand? And how do they think that such behavior will help their cause? Do they just have protest-envy for old times at Berkeley?