Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cruising the Web

Ramesh Ponnuru argues, as many have started to do, that going to college on a campus isn't the only way to get an education and isn't the only model out there. Our grandchildren will be experiencing post-high school education in very different ways than we do. And that's a good thing even though change is always painful for the hidebound generation.

Jonah Goldberg traces the history
of liberals thinking that things are better in some other country than here. Thomas Friedman isn't the first one to go over to some statist country and wish that the United States could be run as efficiently. As Goldberg points out, these ideological tourists tend to think that they can extract the one quality that they admire in a foreign country without bringing along the entire rest of the country's ills with them. Things don't work out that way.

Karl over at Hot Air has some fun noting how each month the media is surprised by declines in housing starts. When it happens month after month, why do they keep reporting that such drops are "unexpected?"

Karl Rove has some good advice for what the Republicans should do today at the Blair House summit. And it's easy. Correct the President every time he makes a false claim about what his health care plan. Obama is claiming that he can cover more people with better health care without increasing the deficit. It's not true so don't let him get away with it.

Tony Blankley points to when our real test
of whether or not our government is truly broken will come in 2011. If we have a large vote for Republicans running on a platform of cutting the growth of our federal government this fall, then we may be experiencing for the first time an America where there is a majority in the electorate who favors cutting back government programs. If the Republicans either have narrow majorities or the Democrats do in Congress, will they really be able to work with Obama to do what the electorate wants? I doubt it. If you think we have gridlock now, just wait till next year.

Michael Goodwin writes that
, at least with Obama's recent forays into trying to negotiate for the type of health care proposal he supports, we are done with the myth that Obama is above all this partisan dickering that has been going on all year over health care. As Goodwin writes, we can leave behind the myth that Obama is an "honest broker" waiting to hear everyone's good ideas and to pick the best one.

Hillary Clinton says that all the partisan bickering and legislative checks on the executive are hurting our image abroad because foreigners don't understand out system of government. Yup, and I'm sure she was all worried about that when she was a Democratic senator opposing a Republican president's policies.

This doesn't inspire confidence. The Department of Homeland Security lost over $14 million dollars in equipment in one year.

Just what we don't need: a federal agency to promote tourism.

Daniel Henninger doesn't buy the President's shtick before the Business Roundtable this week claiming that he's in favor of pro-business policies.

Michael Barone argues that the reason Obamonomics hasn't caught on with the American public is because, in general, Americans don't like to view themselves as victims.