Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cruising the Web

Obama's first year has been good for the subscriptions to conservative magazines. For liberal magazines - subscriptions are decreasing.

An imprisoned Cuban dissident dies from a hunger strike. What do all the Castrophiles in the US say to such stories?

House Democrats claim privately that Nancy Pelosi just doesn't have the votes to jam through the Senate health care plan. This is the necessary first step in forcing through health care by using reconciliation.

William Briggs offers up a humorous summary
of Liberal Fascism. If you don't have time to read the book; read the blog post.

The WSJ explains how Obama's health care proposal turns Medicare into a wealth transfer program to fund his new entitlement. This at a time when Medicare is facing catastrophic budgetary problems. Obama's solution: siphon money off of a new tax on Medicare to pay for a massive new entitlement. Does this make sense in any world?

Without any evidence, Charlie Cook thinks that Obama is about to triangulate between the Congressional Democrats and the Republicans. Clinton did this and it succeeded for him. However, there is not a single sign that Obama is moving to the middle.

More proof that Nancy Pelosi lied
about not having been briefed about enhanced interrogation being used.