Friday, February 19, 2010

Cruising the Web

Mickey Kaus exposes how catering to unions slowed down one of Obama's pet ideas - to use green jobs to fight the recession.

Kaus also links to this story about how California Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi want to stop the citizen-powered reform to have the district lines for the state legislature drawn by a nonpartisan commission instead of by politicians bent on gerrymandering up the entire state.

Jeffrey Toobin - deadbeat father? Isn't that the type of behavior that all decent-thinking people, such as the folks at CNN, condemn?

David Hogberg catches
Joe Biden's report on the stimulus spending counting some of the stimulus money twice. In some places they count the money as already having been spent and then others they use that same money and say that they are just setting it up to spend this year. Gee, I wish I could do that with our family budget.

Dorothy Rabinowitz recommends
that Sarah Palin work on emulating Ronald Reagan's tone rather than just praising the man.

Stephen Hayward details the crack-up of the consensus on global warming.

MSM's treatment
of John Edwards and Sarah Palin provides us with a case study in media bias. Again I ask, who demonstrated worse judgment - John Kerry or John McCain?

Kimberley Strassel explains
why Washington's politicians are coming to regret the mass hysteria that they encouraged against Toyota. What goes around comes around.

Michael Barone explores how a political bet on Barack Obama and cap-and-trade isn't paying off for one Virginia congressman from coal country.

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equitus said...

I'm proud to be one of those 30,000 who applied to be on the commission! I intend to get started on my second, long-form, application today.

That UCLA prof: 'Redistricting, he said, is a political process and "when you try to take a political process and put it in the hands of bureaucrats who are supposed to be non-partisain [sic], it's a fraud and it's not going to work."'

What the heck does he mean? He is simply dismissive (the goals are "nonsense") and his arguments (as reported) lack any sense of reason.