Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cruising the Web

Thomas Sowell points out that Obama pulls numbers out of thin air, but doesn't really understand that costs don't disappear just because he waves them away or has government assume the burden.

If you didn't have confidence in Obama's security team after seeing how they handled Abdulmutallab, observing how John Brennan has been punching back in a truly partisan manner with slight respect for the truth makes the team seem even worse than simply amateurish. And Jim Geraghty notes how Brennan wrote in USA Today that his critics were serving "the goals of al-Qaeda." Geraghty writes,
In other words, in the eyes of one the administration's top men on counterterrorism, Abdulmutallab gets a presumption of innocence that you and I don't.

We have already had two failed stimulus plans to jumpstart the economy, from Bush's 2008 tax rebates to Obama's failed $800 billion stimulus last year. Now, there are plans for a new stimulus that will supposedly encourage jobs, really, truly. As the WSJ explains the plan now is remarkably similar to a plan that Jimmy Carter tried back in 1977 with tax credits for small businesses to hire new employees. Back then the result was a short-term drop in unemployment, but it bounced right back when the credits ran out. The Rea Hederman in the NY Post explains that what Obama doesn't seem to understand is that what really boosts the economy are broad-based tax cuts instead of the government trying to pick and choose which sectors of the economy should be rewarded with tax credits and which should be punished with tax increases.

Michael Steele is really a disappointment. His latest foot-in-the-mouth remark is his hints that the media writes about problems that Steele has had at the RNC are being written because of his race. That's just despicable and I certainly didn't expect that type of race-baiting from the head of the RNC.

Michael Barone chips in with his explanation about how the Obama crew could run such a successful political campaign but has been such a failure at governing.