Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cruising the Web

William McGurn notes that President Obama is implicitly endorsing Bush policies on dealing with terrorists while a WSJ editorial argues that Obama's terrorism policies are vindicating Dick Cheney's arguments about their mistakes. They're now having to walk back some of their most prominent early policy announcements rejecting the Bush-Cheney policies.

Furthermore, Byron York thinks that the Republicans are winning on the arguments about whether or not a captured terrorist should be Mirandized. In consequence, the administration is just flailing away sending up one ludicrous and unbelievable defense after another.

The Examiner remarks on something that struck me - how Audi's Green-Police ad was a very pointed satire of environmental extremism. I don't know if it did much Audi, but it really struck a blow for those who would prefer a more rational approach to environmental questions. It was scarily believable in how it depicted ordinary Americans getting in trouble with omnipresent and officious Green Police.

Michael Barone
has an important column about the dangers inherent in the collusion between government politicians and public unions. Unlike the oppositional model of unions and private companies, public unions can ally with politicians who quite happily vote taxpayer money to pay off the unions that helped them get elected in the first place. This alliance has produced disastrous contracts and pension plans for some of our states such as California, New Jersey, and New York who are now facing the fiscal impossibilities of paying for all that they promised government workers in the fat years. And now Obama would like to do for the federal government what those Democratic politicians did to their states. But as Scotty would have said on Star Trek, "Achh - the engines can't take nae more!"