Saturday, February 06, 2010

Cruising the Web

An expert on John Maynard Keynes explains all that the Obama administration got wrong in their attempts to apply Keynesianism to today's economic situation.

Two and a half months after the Climategate emails were leaked, still no one knows who leaked the files. Or perhaps the files were just sitting unprotected in cyberspace and someone found them and distributed them. They still don't know.

Mark Tapscott explains how Obama's budget proposal would hurt small business owners.

As Pat Moynihan might have explained to the President, Obama's budget plans will also adversely affect New York state.

Mark Steyn has some fun tracing back the melting credibility of the IPCC. A lot is to be learned by tracing back the sources from their footnotes.

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Bachbone said...

Obama's Keynesian economic theory is half baked, and we're seeing him make the same mistakes FDR made that Amity Schlaes pointed out, in The Forgotten Man, caused the Great Depression to go on longer than it would have without his Progressive meddlings. Obama imposed strict import duties on Chinese tires in September 2009. The Chinese quickly retaliated by imposing high tariffs on U. S. chicken imports, much of which are chicken feet, a part of the chicken that is virtually worthless in the U. S.

Since part of Obama's proposed budget includes "doubling exports," and China has already announced its intention to decrease imports of other goods as well as U.S. chickens, it appears skeptics have plenty of good reasons to look askance at his figures.

It's one thing for Progressives not to believe their opponents' methods will work, but when they won't believe the facts that show their own methods used by their Progressive predecessors didn't work, one has to question their sincerity. Or their sanity.