Thursday, February 11, 2010

Afternoon Web Cruising

W.E. Heasley at The Last Embassy blog has a very good post about why we should insist on dropping barriers to selling health insurance across state lines. He links to this very interesting table of what all states require insurance companies to cover. It is just ridiculous that there would be legal barriers preventing people who choose to do so from buying a stripped-down catastrophic health care policy that would come to their aid in a health emergency, but leave them responsible for their more mundane health care expenses. Check out the table and see what your state requires insurance companies to cover and think about whether you wouldn't be happy to pay less for insurance and forgo some of that coverage.

Jonah Goldberg ponders the messages within messages in the Audi Green Police ad. There was something in there for those fearful that being arrested for throwing out batteries is the road we're headed down and those who are searching for a purchase that will let their green consciences rest easy. Meanwhile, Jim Geraghty has the lyrics from the Cheap Trick song adapted for Audi from "Dream Police" to "Green Police." Just think about this. Would Audi even have considered running that ad as recently as for last year's Super Bowl?

Here's an amazing story. In Georgia, they're rechecking student standardized tests because officials suspect there may have been tampering on the test to improve student scores in as many as 69% of Atlanta elementary and secondary schools' tests. They're basing this on an analysis of how many tests had a suspicious number of erasures changing a wrong answer to a right answer.

Donald Lambro explains what a massive boondoggle Obama's proposed $8 billion stimulus for building high-speed trains would be. We'd end up forcing states and the federal government to shoulder many billions more in expenditures for providing a service for which there isn't a very high demand. We'll all be paying for it, but few will be benefiting from it. Perhaps there is a reason why private industry hasn't shown much interest in doing this on their own. They know it would be a black hole.

John Hawkins has a selection of his favorite quotes from Jonah Goldberg's book, Liberal Fascism.

Sammy Benoit has poring over
the reports in The Guardian about the Climategate scandal and has come across this tidbit - even the activists were suspicious of the hockey stick graph when it was first proposed to include it in the IPCC report.

Hmmm, why is the Department of Homeland Security investigating a pro-life rally? Imagine the fuss if this had been the Bush administration opening up a baseless investigation into a pro-choice group.