Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where do people get these ideas?

Newt Gingrich has been musing out loud as he is prone to do about his prospects for being the Republican nominee in 2012. And he thinks that his prospects are pretty dang good.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Wednesday he considers himself among the top Republican prospects for the 2012 presidential election, adding that he believes there will be plenty of GOP options for voters to consider.

"I think I'm probably on a list of seven or eight possible candidates at this stage," Gingrich said. "We have a lot of people around the country who would like to have somebody who represents a commitment to replace the current failed programs and to develop a set of solutions that are practical and workable."
I'm sorry, Newt, but your time has come and gone. You have lost your chance to lead the country. You're good for articulating ideas and laying out an agenda, but executive skills are not your forte. Play to your strengths and understand your weaknesses.

And then after seeing Gingrich's self-evaluation, I see this little tidbit from US News that some people are musing that, if Marco Rubio wins his senatorial bid, he'd be a leading candidate to be the GOP nominee for vice president in 2012. Come on! He would have been a senator for less than two years at the time of the election. He wouldn't have had any executive experience as a governor. Let's not get ahead of ourselves and rush our potential political stars out on to the stage before they're ready and have the experience that qualifies them for the job. We should have learned from the Sarah Palin experience. Think if she'd served out a couple of terms in Alaska and had time to build up to running for federal office by developing her thinking and understanding of the wide range of issues she'd have to confront. We should have learned from elevating Barack Obama to the presidency after just a few years in the Senate. Experience matters.

I think Marco Rubio is an exciting political figure and I have great hopes for his future in politics. But we should be following the Paul Masson rule for wine and serve no candidate before his or her time.