Saturday, January 09, 2010

What would the Democrats do if Brown wins in Massachusetts?

Ben Smith reports
on the options that the Democrats are exploring just in case Scott Brown wins in Massachusetts. One alternative that my husband and I were just discussing at dinner is that they could delay the swearing in ceremony and rush through a vote while interim senator Paul Kirk is still there. That would raise such a holy stink about their ignoring a democratically elected senator in preference for an appointed senator that even the Democrats might pause at that one. What would Robert Byrd say about that evasion of the sacred rules of the Senate? The other option would be for the House to pass the exact same bill that the Senate passed so that there would not have to be another vote in the Senate that would need 60 votes. The House members would have to go along with everything they dislike in the Senate bill. They'd have to include the wording on abortion, the funding through taxes on Cadillac health plans, and the Cornhusker kickback! Would they swallow all that or would they read the tealeaves of a Republican opposed to the Democrats' health care plan winning the Teddy Kennedy seat to decide it was time to head back to the drawing board and see if they could design some plan that Olympia Snowe would sign on to?

And here's another plan to get around an inconvenient election: the Democratic machinery in Massachusetts could just delay certifying the election until the vote on health care took place. They're even talking about waiting a month to certify the election. Think about the arrogance of these guys - banana republics could take a lesson from them.

And God forbid it should be a close election. Then the Republicans would have no chance in the recount.

If you want to see such a spanner thrust into the Democrats' gears or you just would enjoy the thought of Harry Reid's head exploding at news of a GOP victory in Massachusetts, you can go here and contribute to Brown's campaign.

(link via Hot Air)