Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No time to cheat

John Fund explains why the speeded up quality of this campaign where it only became in play in the past week or 10 days means that the Democrats don't have time to set up a strategy for stealing votes. Apparently, it takes more time to plan these things out.
Another casualty of the expectation that the race would be a cakewalk for the Democrat will be an absence of absentee ballot fraud, the preferred method of putting an illegal thumb on the scale in a close race. Applications for absentee ballots had to be submitted by last Friday, providing little opportunity for those with ill intent to organize such an effort once they realized the race had tightened up . . . Both parties have concerns about vote fraud or intimidation in today's election. Hundreds of lawyers and observers have been deployed at key polling places. But it's likely to be a relatively quiet election from a litigation angle unless the final margin is razor-thin. The Brown surge came so suddenly there was no time to plan anything devious beyond the usual negative commercials — which in this race ran everywhere, including, for the first time in anyone's memory, The Weather Channel.
Negative ads on the Weather Channel? Is nothing out of bounds?

It is a comedic irony that Democratic complacency has complicated their ability to organize voter fraud. I bet they won't make that mistake again.