Thursday, January 07, 2010

More web-cruising

Great. The director of the National Counterterrorism Center didn't think the news of a suicide bomber on a U.S. airline was worth interrupting his vacation. Some things, apparently, are just not worth cutting short a Christmas vacation with the family. Such habits could make holiday attacks more likely in the future. (Link via Hot Air)

Someone at NRO linked to this great takedown of those fatuous COEXIST bumper stickers.

Are we supposed to be comforted that federal officials had woken up to the dangers of Abdulmutallab's presence on that Northwest flight and so were planning to talk to him when he landed?

This would have the makings of a rather devastating ad against Martha Coakley in that crucial Massachusetts Senate race.
In October 2005, a Somerville police officer living in Melrose raped his 23-month-old niece with a hot object, most likely a curling iron.

Keith Winfield, then 31, told police he was alone with the toddler that day and made additional statements that would ultimately be used to convict him.

But in the aftermath of the crime, a Middlesex County grand jury overseen by Martha Coakley, then the district attorney, investigated without taking action.

It was only after the toddler’s mother filed applications for criminal complaints that Coakley won grand jury indictments charging rape and assault and battery.

Even then, nearly 10 months after the crime, Coakley’s office recommended that Winfield be released on personal recognizance, with no cash bail. He remained free until December 2007, when Coakley’s successor as district attorney won a conviction and two life terms.

....She insisted that Winfield’s status as a law enforcement officer had no bearing on her decisions. “The fact that he was a Somerville police officer was irrelevant,’’ she said.

Coakley’s prosecutors made the recommendation that Winfield be released with no cash bail, even though an investigator with the Department of Children and Families, working in the weeks immediately following the rape, found that Winfield had been suspended from his job with the Somerville police for disciplinary reasons and had lied about it.

In addition, the investigator found that Winfield had concealed the fact that he had been evaluated at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital for stress less than two weeks before the rape.

Indeed, before Winfield’s trial, prosecutors sought to admit evidence that Winfield, in the days leading up to the rape, was treated for a substance abuse problem and had threatened to kill himself by holding a gun to his head, “evincing great emotional stress and the strong possibility that [he] would harm himself or others.’’
Gee, is that the kind of judgment we want in our public officials? And this is from a story in the Boston Globe, no right-wing rag.