Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jon Stewart blows a gasket at the ineptness of the Democrats

Enjoy this.
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Stewart can't believe that the Democrats not only put up such lame candidate in a must-win election, but that they are whining that they can't get their agenda through with only a 59 vote majority in the Senate. He points out that Bush never had that big a majority. You could add in Reagan as another Republican who didn't have that sort of control. In fact, you'd have to go back to Taft to find a Republican president with that overwhelming a partisan advantage in the Senate. Somehow, other presidents have muddled through without having that level of control.

So why the sad face, Democrats? It's because you're trying to ram through a massive bill that is so terribly unpopular that you can't bring in any of the most moderate of Republicans - there's a whole crew of moderate Republicans who would have been ready to negotiate with you, but nooooo, you had to go all on your own and then present them with a fait accompli and only agree to the most minor of changes to win over an Olympia Snowe. And you couldn't even do that.

That's why there will be so many long faces in Democratville tonight.

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Bintohead said...

The funny thing is that some of them are already trying to blame Bush for the Dems loss.

Here's their reasoning...

Voters are so ticked off at Bush for the mess he left us in - that they're going to hold Obama and the Democrats responsible for it.

It's assuming the lengths some Democrats will goto to blame somebody - anybody - besides themselves.

Pat Patterson said...

AG Coakley didn't slit her own throat any more than McCain had control of the economy bottoming out in October of 2008. She won her AG postion by a large margin and won her primary comfortably. Stewart is simply taking the easy way out as a Tuesday night quarterback.

Candidates are only lame or inept if they lose never when they win.