Monday, January 25, 2010

Joe Biden: surprised at just how wonderful he is

Always ready with the self-aggrandizing quote, here is Joe Biden's answer to what has surprised him about being vice president. First there is all the security that he needs to have wherever he goes. Hey, did he think that Cheney was going to "secret locations" just to concoct nefarious plots against all that was good and decent in the world? But the funniest thing is Biden's second surprise.
He is pleased with "how quickly I have been able to be an impact player in the implementation of ideas and initiatives."
Trust Biden to be surprised, yet pleased, about how important he has become. I guess he didn't read those excerpts in Game Change about the contempt that Obama had for him. Yup, no one "messes with Joe." He can do it just fine by himself.

The rest of this article on Biden's first year is hilarious as Biden inveighs against the Senate filibuster rule. He was quite happy to vote to support Democratic filibusters when the Republicans were in the majority. Do these hypocrites not think that anyone remembers how their positions were reversed when they were in the minority? And if the Republicans were ever to return to the majority, Joe Biden and all the Senate Democrats would suddenly rediscover the sacred quality in the filibuster and its protection for the power of the minority.


tfhr said...

The one silver lining in this Obama presidency is that it has helped keep Biden's mouth shut like nothing else. Even the closed door workings of Biden's efforts to foster "transparency", ironic as they are, have helped keep a muzzle on the most verbose and moronic man to hold a Senate seat in the last 30 years.

To complete the thought - long live Obama - we don't have the strength or time to endure a Biden presidency.

ic said...

"how quickly I have been able to be an impact player in the implementation of ideas and initiatives."... and help the huge drop of approval rating.

Biden is good for the country for unconsciously clogging up the Obie machine. For that, we owe him our eternal gratitude.

tfhr said...


Joe Biden = clog.