Monday, January 11, 2010

How to know if you're forgiven for being offensive?

If you're a political official and you say something dumb, the Pillage Idiot has created a chart to figure out if you'll be forgiven or not. (Click to enlarge)
Remember. You're a racist if you are against health care reform (ask Jesse Jackson), but if you talk about the value of being a light-skinned black man and not speaking a Negro dialect, then you're just a good-hearted man with a tin ear.

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tfhr said...

Haven't heard Harry Reid explain what he really meant if it wasn't what it sounded like. All Reid did was apologize but he really didn't explain what he thought he had done wrong.

For that matter, has anyone asked the Senate Majority Leader to define "negro dialect"? Since Reid seems to think that is something that can be turned off and on at will, perhaps he should be asked to respond to questions regarding his views on Obama using a "negro dialect". I suspect doing such a thing would be pretty offensive to many people. Is there a reason that a black man could do such a thing without being offensive? More to the point, Reid should be asked if he thinks Obama plays to his crowd by making a conscious choice to employ (or not employ) a "negro dialect". To suggest that Obama would do such a thing is pretty damning.

Reid's apology should be to the voting public that he insulted with his racist characterization of Obama by insinuating the public would be taken in by an articulate "light skinned" candidate without regard to the content of his character...oh, wait...this is getting complicated.