Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Does Nancy Pelosi even know what the truth is?

Boy, this qualifies as Whopper of the Month. C-Span is pressing congressional leaders to allow them to air the negotiating over the health care reform bill. And Nancy figures that it is better to just lie than to try to defend all the secret behind-the-door negotiating going on with this bill.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) defended Congress' work on a healthcare bill Tuesday saying the process has displayed historic transparency, just as C-SPAN mounts an effort to open the negotiations.

C-SPAN wrote a letter to congressional leaders Tuesday asking that TV cameras be allowed to film negotiations to reconcile the House and Senate versions of healthcare reform legislation.

But Pelosi said Congress has already been transparent throughout the process.

"There has never been a more open process for any legislation," Pelosi said at a press conference.

Pelosi also hinted that holding informal negotiations--likely without TV cameras--might be the most practical way to push the legislation through.

"We will do what is necessary to pass the bill," Pelosi said.

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), assistant to the Speaker, said the healthcare bill had been "subjected to unprecedented level of public scrutiny."
LOL!! Really. The whole Senate bill that was voted out of the Senate was crafted behind closed doors by Harry Reid with special trinkets like the Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickback tucked into the bill to buy individual votes. It was the same story in the House. Now they're planning to ping-pong back and forth between the House and Senate instead of having a conference committee work on it. And Michelle Malkin reminds us how the Democrats were complaining when Republicans avoided having conference committees. But that was back when the Democrats were promising to clean out the culture of corruption in the Congress. Things are different now, but one thing is still the same. Nancy Pelosi will say whatever sounds good with total disregard for the truth.


mark said...

As far as cleaning up the "culture of corruption", Pelosi has disgraced herself with her defense of Charlie Rangel.
Regarding the health care bill, however, repubs have made it clear they'll vote "no" regardless. Why give them a say at this point. If one repub had voted yes, Nelson and others wouldn't have gotten away with extortion. Repubs, with their disgraceful "death panels" and "killing grandma" (meaning we can never have a thoughtful discussion on end-of-life issues)brought this on themselves. And it was more about Obama's "waterloo" than doing right by the American people.
If this bill is as bad as people claim, you should be happy that it will pass. It will hurt Obama and dems, and repubs will come back to power and do all those things they now claim they want to do for us (yet somehow never got around to when they had control).

Pat Patterson said...

So all those amendments the Republicans offered in committee and were either never voted on or by a voice vote disapproved means that the Republicans never attempted to even negotiate? I'm guess then that if the Democrats don't want to discuss Republican alternatives therefore it is because the Republicans are all planning on voting no?

tfhr said...


Did you really just say that because no Republicans voted "yes", that this caused Harry Reid to bribe Nelson, Leahy, Sanders, Landrieu, and Dodd?

So Cal Jim said...

That's right's the Republicans' fault that the Dems constructed their Frankenstein monster of a health bill in secret. They HAD to do it in secret because the mean old Republicans insisted on proposing things like tort reform (Booooooooo) and allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines (Hisssssssss) and (God save us all) they actually believe that you shouldn't be forced to pay for your neighbors health care (Horrors!!!).

So naturally, Harry Reid was FORCED to exclude any Republicans from having any meaningful input because that's the whole idea of compromise and bipartisanship, right? Demand Republicans surrender their ideals and meekly accept Democrat dictates in toto? That's what "bipartisanship" means, right?

And since Harry & Nancy found it necessary to exclude the Republicans, why....they had NO CHOICE but to keep the voting public in the dark about the specifics in their bill. Voting public, Hell! They had to keep most of their own Democrat members in the dark about the specifics too! You're right mark, that makes perfect sense.

As a matter of fact, it was vital to the nation that NO ONE even know who actually wrote the bill, right mark?'re one smart guy to see and understand how it all works. And silly me....I always thought folks did things like this in secret because they knew they were doing something wrong.

Stan said...

It's 1984. Secret means open. Honesty means lying. Job destruction means saving jobs. A weaker America is a stronger America.

Humpty Dumpty plus Orwell equals BO-zo.

mark said...

As I've already stated, there are many problems with the bill and with the process. Too bad repubs didn't stick to legitimate concerns as you mentioned, Jim, instead of their idiotic rants against "death panels". Repubs like to claim they have better ideas, but there is no evidence that they tried when they had the power. Was the medicare bill Bush pushed fiscally responsible?
As far as paying for my neighbors' healthcare, I already help pay for many of their services (socialism!). I think it is morally right that everyone has access. Contrary to what Limbaugh said, his excellent treatment in Hawaii is not proof that our system is wonderful for everyone. It only proves that he is an out-of-touch moron and people who take him seriously are idiots.

tfhr said...


You support a bill that raises health care costs, raises the national debt, leaves many without care, won't go into effect for years while jacking up taxes immediately, was crafted in secret, and has "progressed" this far solely because of bribes and yet you deem "morons" those that would oppose it.

You actually claim to recognize that there are "many problems" with the current scams in the House and Senate, yet you don't oppose them. Where are your principles?

mark said...

Not sure what you're lacking: reading skills or honesty (or both). I certainly didn't say that everyone who opposes the health care bill is a moron. There are many who oppose it for solid reasons, and there are many who oppose it just because it will hurt Obama and dems. I called Rush a moron, and that is probably generous. Does he really think everyone has access to the health care he received? He lauded the health care system in Hawaii even though it contains many components he rails against. What would one expect from someone who rails against socialism, want to join an organization (the NFL) that thrives because of socialism (revenue-sharing), then whimpers when they excercise their right to exclude him. Listen to him for entertainment purposes. But if you think he has any credibility, you are an idiot.

tfhr said...


It's sad that you feel that way, particularly as a liberal, since you are supposed to have some greater degree of tolerance for others and a bigger heart than those of us on the conservative side. These must be very difficult times for you on that level.

Again, why don't you oppose Obamacare on principle if you find the payoffs, backroom bribery, and complete lack of transparency to be offensive? You do find that sort of thing to be offensive, don't you?

For the years in which Obama campaigned for transparency, against ear marks, against backroom deals, for all of the promises to let CSPAN in so that Americans could see the process, it has taken less than a year to reveal that he either had no idea about his political allies or no idea of delivering on any of those promises. Which do you think it was? Did you believe him? Who is the idiot, mark?

So Cal Jim said...

tfhr, mark is just being a typical Lefty. They all believe in tolerance as long as it's their daft ideas and behavior that's at issue but NEVER when it's a conservative's ideas or behavior.

But more to the point of his latestest posting, he calls Limbaugh a moron, but then implies that Obamacare is going to give every American the same quality health care that Limbaugh can buy. Now who's the moron here?

Skay said...

" But if you think he has any credibility, you are an idiot."

Democrats elected Al Franken as Senator from Minnesota.
The bar for Democrat credibility and intellect has set a new low-if that is possible.
Mark lives in a glass house with lots of shattered glass.

Rush was given a 30% discount on his bill because he paid for it himself and the hospital did not have to deal with an insurance company or government bureaucracy.

The more we learn about this healthcare bill the more outrageous it becomes No wonder Nancy and Obama want all deals made behind closed doors and not on C-SPAN.
Forget that "openess" thing.
Democrat votes have all been bought and paid for.

tfhr said...

So Cal Jim,


tfhr said...

Forgot to ask Betsy how Pelosi's "open process" snorter could be the "Whopper of the Month". It's only the first full week of January. The week isn't even over. (OK, if such a claim were coming from any other politician I would concede the point but this is Pelosi.)