Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cruising the Web

How bipartisanship works in the House. David Freddoso reports on how a bill sponsored by an Idaho Republican is not allowed to come up to a vote in the House. But when the Democratic congressman from Idaho introduced almost the exact same bill, the Democrats voted for it unanimously in order to give him a victory as he faces a tough reelection.

Jan Crawford blog at CBS on the Tim Tebow ad controversy and excoriates the women's groups for trying to stifle open discussion of the pro-life position, but never raising a peep for television shows and ads that depict violence against women.

Edward Lazear, former chairman of Bush's CEA, explains why we shouldn't be at all impressed with Obama's call for a sort of spending freeze.

What kind of nimcompoop scheduled the RNC's annual meeting in Hawaii? Oh, it was Michael Steele. What a dopey choice. Even if we weren't in the middle of a huge economic downturn, this would be a terrible idea. Why even hand the media and the Democrats such a weapon? And why would such a move inspire anyone to wnat to write a check to the RNC?

The House Democrats loved it when the President praised them and chastised the Senate for not having passed the bills that the House had already passed. Democrat Anthon Weiner of NY commented, “As you know, the Republicans are the opposition but the Senate is the enemy.” Yup, they're two different bodies with different rules. When the Republicans controlled both houses, were the Democrats so anxious to see the Senate become a chamber where the majority could push through whatever they wanted? I seriously doubt it.

And indicating where Obama's real interest in in the SOTU was, Organizing for America immediately sent out a letter from Obama making a fundraising appeal based on his speech.