Saturday, January 09, 2010

Cruising the web

The Associated Press notes how often Obama blames Bush for his problems. His administration is just about 1/4 completed. It's about time that he lays the "Blame Bush" card aside.

Ed Morrissey
points to another AP story critical of Obama's record on employment. It's not a good thing when they're depending on more people to give up on hunting for jobs to make the overal unemployment picture look comparatively brighter.

Former Tennessee representative, Harold Ford, is talking all macho and stuff about not being afraid of Chuck Schumer in entering into the New York Democratic primary to challenge Kirsten E. Gillibrand. What is it with these Democratic leaders? First they pressure David Paterson not to run for governor and now they don't want Harold Ford to try to run against Gillibrand. Imagine what people would be saying if the GOP leaders were pressuring prominent black politicians not to run against white politicians.

The Yid with Lid explores President's Obama's "Read my lips" broken promise.

AJ Strata reports
that the administration is trying to avoid some potentially damning details becoming public from the report on what intelligence agencies knew about Nidal Hasan before he went on his murderous shooting rampage at Fort Hood. At the end of the Bush administration, intelligence officials had obtained a court-ordered wiretap to monitor his communications with radical Yemeni cleric Awlaki, but that stopped later when Holder became Attorney General. Just more failure to connect the clearly visible dots.

The newest results of a Las Vegas Review-Journal poll about Harry Reid's chances of reelection raise the question: who are the 33% of Nevadans who have a favorable impression of him?


Bachbone said...

With late night comedians now joking about Obama, the AP and some other news agencies unable to ignore his more serious gaffes, his inability to control matters nor blame others now that his administration has been in charge a year, and the public seeing him so often on TV that it no longer pays much attention to what he's saying, the annointed one's halo has tarnished badly and slipped almost out of sight. He is looking more and more Jimmuh Cahtahesque. All it will take to sink him in 2012 is a Muslim fanatic attack in a mall or public transportation facility, or $4 a gallon gasoline, or continued high unemployment, or passage of this Obamacare fiasco. He's looking to me more and more like a lame duck after just one year.

Ron K said...

what is it with carpetbaggers and new york