Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cruising the web

In their continuing effort to find the perfect method to select a presidential nominee, the Democrats are returning to the 1970s by doing away with the superdelegates to their convention. The Clinton-Obama race revealed the uselessness of the superdelegates as well as the non-democratic aspects of having people vote based on their personal ties to the candidates rather than how their constituents voted in primaries. The superdelegates were put in place in the 1980s by Democratic leaders who feared that, left alone, the party would pick more candidates like George McGovern.

Robert Samuelson argues that what we need to do in order to recover from what he calls the Great Recession is to unleash American entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, the Obama policies seem to be stifling the growth of small businesses. Imagine that.

The explanation for the lack of economic growth that worries Samuelson can be found in this column by Gary Becker, Steven Davis, and Kevin Murphy. They explain how the uncertainty that business leaders are feeling over Democratic policies and the continuing recession is freezing their willingness to invest in new growth. As long as they don't know how new government policies such as health care and cap-and-trade will affect their business and they're in doubt about what the new tax situation will be after the Democrats complete their plans for our economy, they will hold off on the major new investments that we need in order to begin a strong recovery from our economic woes.

John Stossel encourages TSA to go full hog on profiling and to learn from Israel how to keep bad actors off of their airplanes.

As his nephew receives his acceptance letter to West Point, William McGurn pays tribute to men and women who attend that institution which does so much to inculcate the honor and character of those young people.

Victor Davis Hanson describes
how, on the international and domestic front, our chickens are coming home to roost.

TNR reports that, in a deal to make sure that the Hispanic Caucus supports the health care bill, the administration and Democratic leaders will not oppose efforts to begin major immigration reform this year. The Caucus had been upset that there was not protection of health care for illegal immigrants in the bills before Congress. So watch out for that debate to start up again.

The Dead Pelican, which reports on Louisiana politics, reports that an additional provision in the so-called Louisiana Purchase which bought Senator Mary Landrieu's vote for the health care bill, was a promise by the Democrats to support her brother's run for mayor of New Orleans. The front-runner for the race has dropped out amid plans from the Democratic Party to financially support Mitch Landrieu's candidacy.

Heather MacDonald argues that the lack of an increase in crime as the economy has worsened helps to blow up the argument that it is economics that drives crime. Instead crime has decreased. How do those social theories survive the constant contrary evidence?

Byron York explores how Obama's decision not to make a statement after news broke of the attempted Christmas bombing was a deliberate choice to contrast his behavior to Bush's after a terror strike. He and his advisers wanted to display his cool approach to tricky problems as well as not to elevate the terrorist to the level of demanding a presidential response. See, Obama's response wasn't a bug; it was a feature!