Monday, January 25, 2010

Carvilles' rich fantasy life

James Carville has looked into his bag of tricks and figured out what the Democrats need to turn the game around and win elections and on policy debates. They need to blame George W. Bush more. Seriously, that's his prescription.
Democrats would not be playing the blame game with one another for the loss or for the healthcare debacle if they had only pointed fingers at those (or in this case, the one) who put Americans (and most of the world) in the predicament we’re in: George W. Bush.
In the fantasy world in which Carville lives, Barack Obama just has been too darn nice and hasn't pointed a finger at his predecessor. And that's why Scott Brown won.
But Barack Obama, the US president, and his team admirably and eloquently argued that the US was ready to turn the page on the Bush years, ready to be united. Rather than look backward we should march forward in a new post-partisan environment.

Part of the problem is that Mr Obama was refreshingly naive in believing his own rhetoric. He really believed we could rid Washington of revolving doors filled with lobbyists or that “there is not a liberal America and a conservative America”. Mr Obama and his team really believed he could bridge the partisan divide. Being elected as a change candidate in a change election does not translate into changing Washington. Nothing can change Washington.
Uh, Mr. Carville, you need to wake up from your fantasy life in which Barack Obama governs as he campaigned. The man has done little besides point fingers at George W. Bush and told everyone around the world, over and over, about how he's different. He encouraged Reid and Pelosi to deliver policy decisions without compromising with or including Republicans as they crafted the stimulus, budget plans, cap-and-trade, and the health care reform. The one thing that Obama hasn't been is a post-partisan president. If this is Carville's brilliant plan for the Democrats to come back and reverse the decline in Democratic hopes for the November election, he'll guarantee his side deeper losses. What the American people are looking for is certainly not more finger pointing.


Pat Patterson said...

What Carville is recommending doesn't have to be truthful but successful. If they can establish this idea as the truth then some of the momentum might shift back to the Democrats. But I do think it will fail because unlike Pres Clinton who obligingly kept himself in the spotlight and thus reminded everyone constantly of his failures Pres Bush has kept quiet and has almost disappeared from public consciousness.

tfhr said...

I think Carville was irreparably scarred from his short career as a child actor - the banjo boy in Deliverance - he was a natural and tragically typecast ever since.

LarryD said...

Hot Air has a piece on Democrats beginning to rethink "blame Bush". Carville is behind the curve, while other Democrats are beginning to realize this strategy isn't working.

Skay said...

"What Carville is recommending doesn't have to be truthful but successful."

I agree Pat.

All Carville has ever done is "finger pointing" politics and he does not believe in letting the truth get in the way. Good 'ol Huey Long/Earl K Long/Edwin Edwards politics.
I wonder what Carville is teaching his students in his political class at Tulane in New Orleans.

Unfortunately he is now deeply involved in Louisiana Democrat politics as well as national politics.

Sokmnkee said...

His lovely wife puzzles the mess out of me. HOW can she actually be married to this man and have his babies? That think about love being blind really applies to them.

tfhr said...


No, please don't tell me they've reproduced.

Sokmnkee said...

Tfhr, let's hope their honey chiles take after their momma instead of their daddy. lol

tfhr said...


It would be inhumane to do otherwise.