Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bill Clinton: voting for Martha Coakley is like voting against the Haiti earthquake ... or something

Bill Clinton took time out from his job as UN envoy to Haiti and designated fund-raiser for the relief effort in Haiti to come to Massachusetts and campaign for Martha Coakley. While to some, it might seem a bit unseemly to engage in political campaigning when he clearly has some other, more important responsibilities (assuming that his titles aren't just mere window dressing), Clinton sees a perfect connection. It's all about good governance. If Haiti had had better governance for the past four or five decades, their infrastructure would be better and housing would be better and they'd be better able to aid themselves in rescue efforts. But they haven't had good governance. He describes both goals as this is just two sides of the same coin."

And that's why you should vote for Martha Coakley. Maybe if she's not elected, the United States will be vulnerable to the same kind of earthquake devastation as Haiti is. Or we might not get the Democratic health reforms and so we'll all die in an earthquake. Or something.

It's the lamest attempt to connect a totally political act with the human tragedy ongoing in Haiti. But then, that's Bill Clinton for you where everything is about politics and whatever he wants to make of it.

It's this sort of attitude that is making people excited about voting for their own Massachusetts miracle.