Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apparently, no one likes Martha

The Democrats in Massachusetts are all set up to put all the blame on Martha Coakley instead of considering that all the actions Obama and the congressional Democrats have taken in the past year. Apparently, no Democrats in Massachusetts like Coakley and they never have. The Kennedy people don't like her because she started politicking for the nomination even before Teddy died. The Obama people don't like her because she was a diehard supporter of Hillary Clinton during the nomination fight. Ironically, it seems that it is the Hillary Clinton supporters who seem to be turning to Brown over Coakley. They find her aloof and unappealing. Who knew?

So why did this woman win the nomination fight? Why didn't any of this affect her in their primary? Now that she's been revealed to be the horrid campaigner that she is, many Massachusetts Democrats are exulting to get her out of the way. As one Democratic strategist said, "'I'd rather have Scott Brown for two years than Martha Coakley for the rest of my life." Be careful what you wish for. Remember how Jimmy Carter preferred to run against Ronald Reagan in 1980.