Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Time Magazine's continuing love affair for Obama

Here's an interesting factoid. Barack Obama has appeared on 24 covers of Time Magazine. I know it probably seems like more to you, but there has been a limit. However, he's only been president for one year. Think of how long that Lyndon B. Johnson was on the public scene in the Senate and as Majority Leader, Vice President, and president for over five tumultuous and momentous years. Yet he was only on the cover 19 times. The record holder is Nixon with 48 covers followed by Reagan with 44. I'm sure that Obama has sold a lot of magazines for Time, but I wonder if, as his poll numbers have shrunk, if that still holds up. However, if they kept up at this pace over a prospective two-term presidency, Obama could be on the cover well over a hundred times.

Too bad there is nothing else going on in the world except The One.