Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Obama the Ungracious

I can imagine that Obama is really ticked that his grand plans to remake the entire American economy, health care system, and energy program as well as reset our relations with the rest of the world are being held back by the realities of our nation's economic problems and all the nasties out in the world who don't seem to be responding to his Nobel Prize-worthy charm.

But this is the job he asked for. He ran for office promising to remake our country and still work with both sides of the aisle. He couldn't have been so stupid as to not understand how Congress and partisan politics work. I guess he just assumed that he was The One and so everyone would fall in line.

Obama's irritation leaks through in almost every utterance where he rushes to assure us that everything bad is not his fault, but really the fault of George W. Bush. He really reached the nadir of his constant gracelessness in yesterday's speech when he strove to blame the TARP program on Bush and the Republicans and somehow ignored the fact that he voted and supported the bill. He did nothing to try to change it. Remember how John McCain rushed back to Washington to try to negotiate changes in the TARP package and that was supposed to demonstrate how unsteady McCain was and we were all supposed to admire Obama's serene response as he voted and spoke for TARP on the Senate floor. Or that it was the Democratic-controlled Congress in 2008 that passed the bill. But no, he blames it all on Bush. Associated Press does a Fact Check on Obama's speech.
Obama's partisan swipe glosses over some of the circumstances before he took office. First, he and his fellow Democrats presided over some of the decision-making that led up to the crisis, because they controlled Congress for two years before Obama became president. Obama's Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner also had a hand, as chief of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York under the Bush administration.

Moreover, the $700 [billion] bailout fund was initiated under the Bush administration by then Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. It was endorsed at the time by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and by Geithner. As Illinois senator during the presidential campaign, Obama backed that package.
Obama's continues to whine that it's not his fault and that everything is Bush's fault. As Michael Goodwin writes,
And Obama plunges on with his blame-game act. It's tired, unpresidential and ineffective, all the more so because he's banking on a bill of goods to prop himself up.
Obama is like a whiny kid who is always trying to blame his older brother for everything that goes wrong in his life. And somehow he gets so used to it that his brother gets the blame for bad grades and an unmade bed. After a while, you just tune out all that finger-pointing and tell the kid that it's time he take responsibility for his own actions and stop searching for someone else to blame.