Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Let's repeat what we've been doing and see if we get a different result

The proposals that Obama is pushing this week to use TARP funds to help people to weatherize their homes and to spend money on infrastructure are just about the same thing that the stimulus bill was supposed to be doing. Check the rhetoric - it's almost word for word the same argument. As Jim Geraghty points writes,
In other words, Obama’s plan to deal with unemployment at 10 percent is exactly the same as his plan to deal with unemployment when it was 7.6 percent.
Then there's Obama's other plan to deal with unemployment. Pretend that all the liberal stuff he's been pushing all year like cap and trade and health care reform are actually jobs bills. So now he's trying to tell Senate Democrats that passing health care reform will actually help unemployment. How exactly a bill whose taxes and regulations go into effect in 2010 but whose benefits go into effect in 2014 is supposed to help unemployment today is anyone's guess. And remember how cap and trade was all about building green jobs? They seem to think that they can just throw the words "create jobs" around whenever they talk about a massive federal overreach into the economy and jobs will miraculously appear. They don't seem to have a clue about how a healthy economy really generates jobs.