Sunday, December 06, 2009

How many religions will the true believers have to lose this year?

Just as the holy scriptures of the global warming true-believers are being revealed to have a lot of questionable science and computer code in their foundational liturgy, worshipers in the Church of Obama are facing a revelatory moment of truth. Can they still believe in the Church of the One if he turns out to be a war president? Cognitive dissonance must be making their heads twirl. Dana Milbank catalogs their crisis of doubt.
Some parishioners in the Church of Obama discovered last week that their spiritual leader is a false prophet.

Consider the blow suffered by the liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, who issued a plaintive plea to the president on the eve of his announcement that he was sending 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan. By escalating the war, Moore wrote:

"[Y]ou will do the worst possible thing you could do -- destroy the hopes and dreams so many millions have placed in you. With just one speech tomorrow night you will turn a multitude of young people who were the backbone of your campaign into disillusioned cynics. You will teach them what they've always heard is true -- that all politicians are alike."

Obama, of course, was not moved by his follower from Flint. The real question is why Moore, and those millions and multitudes of whom he wrote, thought that Obama would do otherwise.
As Milbank points out, Obama had campaigned on carrying on the fight in Afghanistan. Why is Michale Moore and Code Pink and their compatriots so shocked, shocked that he's actually doing what he said he would do?
It was bound to happen eventually. Obama had become to his youthful supporters a vessel for all of their liberal hopes. They saw him as a transformational figure who would end war, save the Earth from global warming, restore the economy -- and still be home for dinner. They lashed out at anybody who dared to suggest that Obama was just another politician, subject to calculation, expediency and vanity like all the rest.
Ah, the reality-based community just wasn't so interested in reality, were they?

All the adulation was helpful in getting him elected and he didn't really do anything to discourage it. Statements about how his clinching the nomination was the moment when the oceans stopped rising and the planet began to heal were standard gospel from The One. And these people swallowed all the tripe. And now they're disappointed in him because the planet, gosh darn it, isn't starting to heal and there are still nasty places that he wants to send our troops to. Isn't that a shame. As Milbank concludes,
This is what happens when true believers mistake a mortal for a messiah.
If they can't believe in the Obamessiah and there are doubts about the holy word on global warming, where now will they worship?