Thursday, December 24, 2009

Don't trust the Democrats to attack the deficit: they can't count

The Democrats and President Obama are promising that they'll be focused on reducing the deficit in the coming year. They're hoping that people will forget all that they did to raise the deficit and our nation's debt in the past year. But it's going to be difficult to blame all their spending on George W. Bush and the Republicans when they have to explain budget-busting votes on the stimulus, cap and trade, and health care plus whatever they finally pass as the budget for next year.

And now we find that these guys aren't even honest when counting up a column of figures. Obama and Harry Reid have been out there telling us about how their miraculous health care plan will help to reduce the deficit. But the CBO burst that little bubble by issuing a memo explaining how the Democrats should not be double-counting the supposed savings from Medicare in the health care bill as both reducing Medicare's future spending and as paying for the new health care bill. It can do one or the other and they've chosen to spend that money on the new health plan. So we're still stuck with all the problems funding Medicare that we were facing when Obama became president. The Democrats have done nothing about that. And whatever savings that we might gain if they carry through on the promises in the bill to cut spending are going towards the new entitlement not to fund the old. They can't use the money twice over, but they seem to think they can snow the American people with this little bit of double-counting.

Are these the guys you would trust to reduce the budget deficit? Remember this when they start making all those fine promises next year.