Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jon Corzine's overconfidence

Jim Geraghty links to this little tidbit from New Jersey. Apparently, the Corzine administration was so hubristic to to be certain that he would be reelected that they never budgeted money for a potential transition to a new governor.
Gov.-elect Chris Christie stopped by the Jim Gearhart show on 101.5 FM radio and dropped a bomb: There are no transition funds. He told the morning radio legend: “Interestingly, the state didn’t fund the transition. They didn’t put any money in the budget for a transition so we need to talk about making sure that we get that squared away.” Four years ago there was $250,000 for the Codey transition out of the governor’s office. And $250,000 for Corzine to transition in. Incidentally, a lot less was spent than was budgeted. So, what happened here? Did the big thinkers under the Gold Dome think Corzine was a sure winner so transition funds were not necessary? Did they just forget? Where does the transition money come from in this cash-strapped state? A bake sale? Corzine makes a contribution as a parting gift?
I like the idea of Corzine having to pay for it. After all, he was willing to spend tens of millions of his own money to pay for his reelection campaign which consisted mostly of attack ads on Chris Christie. It would seem appropriate for a man who didn't think ahead to budget for a possible transition to have to pay up from his own pocket.