Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Code Pink are truly callous and dreadful people

Big Government highlights this video from Halloween. The children from military families, White House staff, and D.C. families were invited to the White House to trick or treat. I thought it was a very nice idea. However, Code Pink thought it was a great opportunity to parade in front of the little children dressed as the ghouls and ghosts of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Observe the confused looks on the faces of the children waiting with their treat bags as Code Pink ghouls chant their anti-war slogans.
Dressed in fatigues with a bloody bandage wrapped around her head, Benjamin loudly moaned as she emoted being a ‘zombie soldier’, while holding a black cut-out of a rifle and wearing a pink sign that read, “The White House is haunted by the ghosts of Bush’s war.”

That’s just what children of soldiers fighting for our freedom should see, yes? Well, if your intent is to wage psychological warfare on the families of our troops to aid our terrorist enemies then the answer would indeed be, “yes.”

Fairooz, convincingly portraying a witch (as the Buck Owens song says, all she had to do was ‘act naturally’), called out to the children, telling them she wanted “young blood” for the war.
It is one thing to protest politicians who have some say in the conduct of the war. It is sinking to a new low to target the young children of those serving abroad with such taunts and attacks.


ic said...

What do you expect from professional protesters? These are the people who support the public option because they don't have to pay for it and free them up time to frighten little kids.

Sokmnkee said...

No, I'm not surprised at all. Aren't most of these radical feminists that support killing the unborn?

Pat Patterson said...

But in the world of political agitation they committed another mistake in that their protest was simply ineffective.

Skay said...

These despicable women are giving the color pink a bad name.

So Cal Jim said...

I wonder how those women would like being forced to live in pink burkas. Well....whether they'd like it or not, if we lose the war against the Jihadists, they and their daughters will have to get used to it.