Monday, October 05, 2009

What was missing from the SNL skit

SNL found a way to make fun of President Obama - he just isn't liberal enough.
While it was an amusing skit and fun to see comics find a hook for ridiculing Obama, it was notable that they criticized him from the left. Those on the right wouldn't agree that Obama has accomplished "jack" and "squat." Since he's been president, we've had a massive so-called stimulus bill passed, the bailout out and practical takeover of two car companies. And the federal budget has paid for getting people to purchase cars in August instead of September. We've run up huge, record deficits. We've seen a "wise Latina" put on to the Supreme Court. We've backed away from a commitment to our allies in Poland and Czech Republic. We've reached a hand out to the clenched fists of Iran and received that fist back. We've betrayed Honduras by supporting Hugo Chavez's guy over the Honduran constitution and supreme court. We've seen the President insert himself into a local police matter in Cambridge, Massachusetts and exacerbate racial tensions. So, while the left hasn't gotten what it wants on a bunch of issues, it is not quite fair to say that the Obama administration hasn't accomplished anything. It's done quite a bit, just not anything to brag about despite what is happening in Joe Biden's "wildest dreams."