Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dick Durbin admits that his party is a bunch of wusses

How funny. Dick Durbin has admitted that the only reason why the Democrats in the Senate caved on seating Roland Burris was because Congressman Bobby Rush successfully mau-maued them into fearing that they'd be tarred as racists if they didn't.
Durbin, a fellow Democrat and Illinois' senior senator, noted that Rep. Bobby Rush, a Chicago Democrat, appeared at Gov. Rod Blagojevich's announcement of his appointment of Burris and used racially charged language to defend the appointment.

"My colleague from Illinois, Congressman Bobby Rush, made strong statements along those (racial) lines," Durbin said on WGN-AM (720). "They were painful and hurtful, and it became part of this calculation."

Durbin also said he would work with Burris despite the political isolation surrounding the state's junior senator in Washington.
How refreshingly honest of Durbin to admit that a wild accusation of racism that no one really bought into except former Black Panther Bobby Rush was enough to send them scrambling for racial cover. While it's sweet to see the Democrats just as vulnerable as Republicans to the race card, it's rather appalling to realize how fears of being called racists played into the whole algorithm for seating Illinois's newest senator. And now the Democrats are stuck with him and can't criticize him too much. Despite Durbin's earlier pleas for Burris to resign, they need his vote. Just like the Republicans who can't risk offending Jim Bunning, the Democrats are stuck with their own embarrassing colleague. And with acknowledging that they're a party of wusses who will cave as soon as someone tosses a race card in their direction. (Link via Hot Air)