Sunday, February 01, 2009

Kentucky freezes; Obama dines on $100 a pound steak

The Anchoress points to the disparity in media coverage over the ice storm that has blanketed Kentucky and led to over 40 deaths and the failures of FEMA there compared to the coverage of post-Katrina New Orleans. FEMA has been slow to respond and has had difficulty getting aid to those without power. Yup, it's hard to get aid to people in need after a natural disaster.
This proves once again that the mainstream media is selective in its coverage, which is driven by its own agenda. What it wants to cover and hype for good or ill gets covered and hyped ad nauseam. And what it does not want to address, gets lost. This is an inconvenient story, with inconvenient victims, so you won’t see the high drama, the probing questions and harsh criticism we’ve seen before.
As Bill Quick writes,
“Where’s FEMA?” is not the appropriate question. The appropriate question is, “Where is the mainstream media, screaming in one united voice, that the absence of FEMA demonstrates the utter fecklessness and failure of the current President and all his policies?”
(link via Instapundit)

I don't blame FEMA or Kentucky authorities unless it comes out that they somehow messed up their crisis response. It is danged hard to recover quickly from natural disasters and emergencies. But Bill Quick is correct to point the finger at how the media decides to spin a story. Think of the stories that would have been written if President Bush had been entertaining guests on steak that costs $100 a pound while millions were shivering without power in the midsection of the country. Yet it's left to conservative bloggers to make that connection or even wonder why the President would have such a tin ear as to serve such an expensive meal to his congressional guests a little over week after being sworn in. Add in his turning up the thermostat in the Oval Office and you have what would have been a full-blown front page contrast to the people freezing and dying in Kentucky that would have haunted Bush for the rest of his life. It's all in how the media decides to cover a story. For Bush, it would be a sign of his cold-hearted incompetence. But for The One, not so much.