Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More evidence on how smart Barack Obama is

Apparently, he spent last night at the home of George Will having dinner with David Brooks, Bill Kristol, and Charles Krauthammer. Maybe it's just an example of getting to know the enemy or keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer. But I prefer to think that the President-elect is actually making an effort to do what he promised on the campaign to do - hear both sides of an argument.

If the conservatives can open his mind a bit on what should and should not be in the stimulus or foreign affairs, it would be a blessing. Heck, any president could do a whole lot worse than consulting Charles Krauthammer on a regular basis.

While some liberals may freak out at this bit of news, perhaps it's the conservatives who should be concerned. Jacob Heilbrunn writes at the Huffington Post that this is part of Obama's efforts to co-opt the conservative intelligentsia.