Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Caroline Kennedy's withdrawl

I see that Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn her efforts to be the next senator from New York. Her excuse is that she is concerned about her uncle's health.

That's all very sweet, but she knew that her uncle had an aggressive brain tumor before she started her efforts to be senator and she did so with his encouragement. Since his seizure yesterday, Senator Kennedy's spokespeople have been trying to put out the message that he's doing just fine. Her use of him as her excuse totally negates those efforts.

Since today was the day the Hillary Clinton was approved to be Secretary of State and she resigned from the Senate, it is now time for Governor Paterson to make his choice. He can no longer stall using Clinton's confirmation hearings as a reason for delay. What do you bet that the Governor got word to Caroline Kennedy that she wasn't going to be his choice and she decided to drop out first to put up the pretense that it was her choice and not Paterson's.

It's a shame for Caroline Kennedy that this whole episode has damaged her image and made her a target for ridicule. If she truly is interested in elected office, perhaps she'll choose to endure the actual election next time.