Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Worse flops than Caroline Kennedy

She's managed to go from being the respected daughter of two icons to the butt of jokes from all sides since she announced that she would like to be handed the senator's job. But she shouldn't despair. Extreme Mortman has a list of 10 worse marketing flops than Caroline Kennedy's botched political rollout. At least she isn't New Coke or Ishtar. However, you know, Caroline Kennedy should garner, you know, some hope from that list. Dustin Hoffman went on to win an Oscar after the debacle that was Ishtar. And Coca-Cola is still a successful company despite the fiasco of New Coke over twenty years ago. So, if she, you know, worked hard and demonstrated her, you know, sterling qualities, she may yet overcome all the, you know, ridicule that she's earned now. After all, she's still a princess.