Friday, October 17, 2008

What a Democratic supermajority would mean

The Wall Street Journal reminds us of what could get passed through Congress and signed by a President Obama if the Democrats had a supermajority in the Senate that without any hope of Republicans blocking Democrats going crazy enacting the policies that they would like. They have a list of bills that were blocked by the Republicans in this past Congress. It's a liberal dream that could come true without the possibility of Republican filibusters. Expect drug price controls. Forget about secret votes for workers faced with proposed unionization. Expect more regulation of any industry that the Democrats think are making too much money. Expect us to go further on the road to government-run health care. Expect more limitation on freedom of speech and a new Fairness Doctrine. Expect more regulations in the name of the environment and economic fairness. Expect taxes to go up, first on those whom the Democrats deem to be earning too much money and then to spread on down when they don't realize the revenue from those tax hikes that they had hoped to.

Go read the WSJ column and start picturing what will be passed with undivided government and a possible liberal supermajority in the Senate.