Monday, September 01, 2008

Gosh, I hope the Palin family is ready for what is coming their way

(With updates at the bottom)

Getting involved in national politics can be like jumping into a sewer. I wonder how well prepared the Palin family is ready for what is heading their way.

The first mud being thrown at them shouldn't have come as a surprise. With an investigation already underway by an independent counsel, it was natural that the national media would pick up on the "troopergate" story that Governor Palin had fired her Public Safety Commissioner because he wouldn't fire her sister's husband from his job as a state trooper. It's a convoluted story, but head on over to Flopping Aces and read the extremely detailed summary and follow the many links and make up your own mind. After reading through lots of what Aces offered up, I'm inclined to agree with the conclusion that the firing of the Public Safety Commissioner had nothing to do with the brother-in-law and had to do with other issues. However, even if she wanted to get the brother-in-law fired, I'm doubtful that the American people are going to be more upset about an effort to get a state trooper fired who had threatened his wife and threatened to put a f***ing bullet through the head of his Palin's father if the father helped the sister get a divorce lawyer. Is that really more of a disqualification to be vice president than Joe Biden helping to pass a bankruptcy bill while his son worked as a lobbyist for one of the banks pushing for the bill.

But the really disgusting that is burbling through on the liberal blogs is a truly vile rumor that Sarah Palin is not in fact the mother of the youngest Palin child and is instead covering up for her oldest daughter's supposed pregnancy. There are huge discussions of this despicable accusation at Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, and DIGG. The whole basis for their accusation is looking at pictures of Sarah Palin and trying to determine whether or not she looks pregnant. They then put this together with a picture of the Palin family which is carefully shown without any dating information, that they triumphantly trumpet prove that the older daughter, Bristol, is actually pregnant. They're too blinded by their Palin Derangement Syndrome to notice that the family picture, when tracked down to its original source, is from 2006 and so none of the Palin females are pregnant. Instead literally hundreds of Kosbots have just spent their time just trashed a totally innocent girl because they can't bear the positive reaction that she has garnered when people learn of her decision to carry her Down Syndrome baby to term. It's hard enough to be a teenager these days with a high profile mother. Learning that these slimebots have been dissecting her figure and speculating about her possible pregnancy and sex life has got to be devastating for Bristol Palin. But that is what some of these people who hate Republicans and McCain have sunk to.

Oh and if the game is to do long distance detective work on a pregnancy in Alaska I can also play at that game. It only took a few minutes of googling to find this picture of an obviously pregnant Governor Palin. But I suppose it's easier to spread baseless rumors and imagine a mass conspiracy involving all the nurses and doctors that must have seen Governor Palin during her pregnancy and delivery.

Other bloggers covering this ugly smear: Right Wing News, Ed Morrissey, Rick Moran, and Michelle Malkin. Protein Wisdom summarizes all the wackoid accusations against Sarah Palin that have been leveled by the left in the past two days.

You know, I bet the vast majority of people have no idea what a cess pool some of these bulletin boards and blogs can become. There is something about posting anonymously that reveals the inner crackpot in some people (as even my comments section reveals sometimes, alas) but if this rumor breaks out into the mainstream I bet there would be such a backlash against the Kossites that they haven't seen since their General Petraeus ad. This seems even worse to me than the anonymous Obama is a secret Muslim slimings. And no one likes to see an innocent teenager slimed just because the left want to despise her mother's politics.

UPDATE: I see that a British paper has seen fit to report this rumor. And Andrew Sullivan, fresh from trying to throw doubt on John McCain's moving cross in the dirt story from the POW camp is now going all in on the Palin pregnancy rumors. I assume that the McCain campaign is aware of all this. She should come out with a powerful and personal refutation to all of this and maybe they can arrange for a statement from her obstetrician. Show up these scum trawlers for the lowlifes that they are. And win over every mother who can understand how vile this sort of trash is.

UPDATE II: Duane Lester has some more pictures and a link to this picture of a pregnant Sarah Palin from April.

This article about the delivery gives the name of her obstetrician and her statement that she thought it was okay for Sarah Palin to travel back from Texas to Alaska to give birth.
Palin kept in close contact with Baldwin-Johnson. The contractions slowed to one or two an hour, "which is not active labor," the doctor said.

"Things were already settling down when she talked to me," Baldwin-Johnson said. Palin did not ask for a medical OK to fly, the doctor said.

"I don't think it was unreasonable for her to continue to travel back," Baldwin-Johnson said.
Another part of the whole conspiracy allegation against Palin is that she traveled from Texas to Alaska even though her water had started leaking and this seems so peculiar to people that they assume it must have been part of the plot to pretend to deliver the baby that her daughter was really carrying.

Oh, and another element of the fever swamp speculation is that they have to explain how Palin is nursing the baby and so they've decided that she's taken some sort of medication to stimulate lactation. They are happily convinced that they have every element of their disgusting conspiracy covered.

This whole story has prompted many people to give their own personal birth anecdotes in order to refute or support the allegations. While I don't know any more than I've read about Palin's pregnancy, I do know that, with one of my pregnancies, my amniotic fluid started leaking and I was just having sporadic labor pains. I went to the doctor who sent me home. It took almost 24 hours for more regular pains to kick in and, like Palin, the doctor had to eventually induce labor to deliver the baby. So I'm not ready to judge whether or not she endangered her baby by wanting to travel home for the doctor she was familiar with to deliver him. I do find it funny that all these liberals who crow about a woman's right to do with her body what she wants, even if it means killing the child she carries are now so concerned with the choices that this one pregnant woman made. Especially, when it all turned out fine and the baby, although a preemie and having an extra chromosome, was apparently born healthy.

As appalling as this accusation is, the McCain campaign has to be smiling a Cheshire grin just waiting to slam all her critics. I bet that the Obama campaign would like to stuff all these internet rumors under a rock and get their supporters to just shut up. And they'll find that once people realized how low they were willing to go on this allegation, that she'll have a bit of immunity from other charges.

UPDATE III: I see that, having been presented with several of the pictures of an obviously pregnant Palin, Andrew Sullivan and some of the Daily Kos people are now trying to pull an Emily Litella and say "never mind." But Sullivan still thinks that these were all legitimate questions and that the McCain team owes him some sort of official confirmation.

Since when do political campaigns have to issue press releases that yes, their candidate is indeed the mother of the baby she bore four months ago just to satisfy her most hate-filled opponents? We can play that game all election long with each side puffing up ridiculous accusations against the other and then demand answers from the campaign. And who cares if they trash a teenage girl while they're at it? Yup, that's the sort of change that they seem to believe in.