Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ted Stevens indicted: Good riddance to bad rubbish!

The Justice Department is going to announce indictments of Senator Ted Stevens.

Stevens has long been my least favorite Republican senator. His sanctimonious love of pork and the whiff of corruption about him has tainted all Republican senators.

Even without the indictments, the polls have been indicating that he would have probably lost to the Democratic candidate, mark Begich, in his reelection campaign. Now, with these charges, perhaps there is more of a chance that someone less dirty will be on the ballot for the GOP. There is one opponent already in the primary against Stevens. With the primary not until the end of August, there is still time to get someone less unsavory on the ballot.

Now, if the GOP can only accomplish the same feat against Congressman Young, another corrupt Alaskan politician who is facing strong competition. Even if Young isn't indicted before the primaries, the publicity on Stevens and relief that Republicans feel to be done with him may splash over on Young. There is no reason that one of the most Republican states in the union should be open to Democratic inroads simply because the Republican officeholders are dirty. With Sarah Palin such an attractive change to the corruption of the old dogs like Young and Stevens, it's time to get a new generation of politicians elected who don't make Republicans squirm with distaste.